"Make" wont install

i had the same problem the last time i installed openSUSE. i could get internet on it. my problem is that the package “make” wont install, or show up on there. i downloaded it alond with kernel-source and gcc( i have a wireless adapter) i have instructions and everything. but make and the other 2 wont install or anything, so i cant type in make uninstall or make install or anything:(:frowning:

What is the output of:

zypper install make

it says it isnt there. which is why i downloaded it off the software place on here. it is a .rpm file thing. i right-click and hit install with yast, but it says that it isnt in the medium, but i put the files on a flash drive and put it on my linux OS(sorry for the wait, i have to keep switching from windows and back and such

i mean that i couldnt get internet by the way, my bad

bumping aloud?

you can install rpms with ‘su -c “rpm -Uvh foo.rpm”’

If you need help getting wireless working, start a thread on it :wink:

jrich4967 schrieb:
> bumping aloud?

I’m afraid I don’t understand at all what you are asking.
The thread I am seeing starts with your posting dated 16.06.2008 07:46
and starting “it says it isnt there.” I have no idea what “it” is.
If you still need help, try stating clearly what your problem is,
what you are trying to achieve, what you already tried, what the
results where and (except if it is really obvious) in what respect
that wasn’t what you wanted or expected.


it cant find that file either