Make windows open from standard Left to Right?

When i have a few windows open, a new window will open on the left side instead of the right after the previous windows. I’d to know how to have them open the standard way.
I’d also like to know how prevent grouped windows of similar programs.

Which standard are you refering to?

Good question. I haven’t found the specific answer, but you might want to read more about Personal -> Settings, Window Behavior.

Also, and I just found this, you can right-click the title bar of any application and there are settings, like Advanced -> Special Window Settings.

As far as the “grouped windows of similar programs”, I’m not sure what you are referring to. When I think of grouped windows, I think of the Task Manager Panel at the bottom. If you right-click the Task Manager Panel and select Task Manager Settings, there are some options regarding Grouping. But that only pertains to how applications appear on the Task Manager Panel.