Make the do-nothing icons smaller.

do-nothing Indicator buttons

I understand the buttons on each line is supposed to help display the status of the line (thread group, individual threads, etc.) but they seem to take up a lot of space while the links are relatively small.

An alternative to shrinking the icons would be to link them so they drill down into the appropriate level (forum group if the front page, to the beginning of a thread, etc.).

Go to first new post buttons

Also, in the user’s “Settings” section there is a button for the “Go to first new post”, make that one bigger!

Where I’m coming from

I usually are using 3 different system when I am viewing the forums;

  • A large widescreen (20") at a high resolution
  • A medium sized flat screen (17") fairly close to my face, with a medium sized resoltuion (it’s a second monitor hooked up to my work laptop)
  • A small (12") laptop screen with limited resolution choices

In the small screen, the do-nothing indicator icon takes up a lot of space and… well,… does nothing.
Meanwhile on the large screen and high resolution, trying to click on the “Go to first new post” icon is difficult to click on because it is so extra small.


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Another idea is to use the large icons with colors or indicators for the language of the forum (for non-English forums) or to replace them with country flags? I think this may have been mentioned before, using flags to indicate the language.