Make Suse opensuse LEAP or blueray Tumbleweed images

Hi its be long time since i use:

I did not find how to select program to the iso?

Because i try to make like:

Size about 50 GB.
But know its take so long time a lot of year agoo so some that will help?

There is no SUSE Studio anymore, it’s called Studio Express;

Did not ask for what its calls?

Its this way to make DVD\blueray images?
or you can show how to do it with Studio Express?

Is this self made iso images? If not you just use (I’m on GNOME, for me Brasero) the desktop DVD writer program.

Or follow: SDB:Download help - openSUSE Wiki

Most systems boot from USB devices, easier to use a USB device and imagewriter…

Yes, selfmade config of the disk, but i dont want i start to programming and config so much.
Its was easy before, but its very slow i remember its take more times\hour to build a iso file with this services.