Make sure that CD 1 is in your drive.

I’ve burned the 11.1 Beta 1 x86_64 DVD twice. It will boot with Suse graphics and all then after selecting ‘Installation’ it boots into a text mode installer and gives the error:

Make sure that CD 1 is in your drive.

???:open_mouth: I can by using back button get 2 other errors:

This is not a openSuse CD-ROM.


No repositories found.

Hmmm… Bug report??? MD5 checksum is apparently correct.

MD5 Sum:


These CD/DVDs are substantially more compressed, by about 30%. Try burning at a far lower speed like 8x or it produces buffer overflows & you don’t capture all of it.

I tried again using k3b. By default it burns DVD’s at 4.1x with my DVD writer. I selected the slowest speed it offers 2.4x. When I booted it I got exact same results as before.

Bear in mind that what I downloaded is a DVD not a CD and even at that the errors refer to a CD. I don’t think there are even any CD’s available. Also when the installer boots kernel it goes to text mode. I’ve never known an openSuse installer to do that by default. openSuse is in fact known for having a very nice installer GUI.

Edit: This is the downloaded by bittorrent [Azureus] file:


which contains;


which is what is actually being burned to DVD.

Also I just double checked. 11.1 Beta 1 is only available as a DVD and only downloadable by bittorrent. So I may be out of luck here.

I tried an internet install and it will install but it won’t boot. Apparently it didn’t even create a /boot/grub/menu.lst.

Frustrating that I can’t find any possible way to install 11.1 or Factory. Does any one know how to install if the DVD won’t work? Last I heard The Live CD’s don’t work either. Will this be fixed ever? Or can I just no longer install openSUSE? I don’t yet want to attempt to upgrade 11.0 as that is a production system… :frowning: