make shortcut to "nautilus trash:" on taskbar

I just installed Leap 42.2 after previously using Plasma 4 (on Kubuntu 14.04). I’m using KDE, but I want to add a shortcut to nautilus trash: on the taskbar.

I see how to add links to applications on the taskbar. Previously, in Plasma 4, I was able to add a “dummy link” to any application on the taskbar and then go into the properties and edit its command to *nautilus trash: *, but I don’t seem to be able to do that anymore in Plasma 5.

Anyone have an idea? Thank you.

Try making the shortcut on the desktop then drag to the taskbar. Note Widgets need to be unlocked

That worked, but it requires me to maintain the file on the desktop too. Nonetheless, it’s an effective solution, just not as nice as in Plasma 4.

Thank you!