Make screenshots to put in presentation

I’m creating a presentation of OpenSUSE and want to take som screenshots of the whole screen and app-windows.

I’m using OS11.2 KDE 4.3.5. Is there a tool for this?

Just press the Print Screen key.

Sorry it want work. It seems it only copy text to clipboard, but not graphic.

Can you be more spesific?


If that doesn’t work, search for the ksnapshot tool and run it. Maybe Prt-Sc isn’t mapped to fire up ksnapshot.

I found it!
There is an application called KSnapshot under Menu->Utilities->Desktop

It works perfect!

Pressing <printscreen> is supposed to automatically launch KSnapshot. It reads like this needs setting up on your PC.

Most of the time this happens on laptops. Check the keyboard settings in Systemsettings - Country … Mine needs the ‘asus laptop’ to have the ‘Prt Sc’ working.