make rpm packages, how to start


is there somehow a quick tutorial that on how to write a rpm?
which I can take as base to have some success story and read all the books later?

it seems so complicated at the begin,
coming from Slackware, where writing a package build script is simple, I am currently a bit confused, it took me 1h to have my first Slackware build some time ago, now I search already for much more than 1 hour the internet, and still did not even start to do something.

I would just like to have some apps I use and some libs for development under control, in my own repo. would be great if I could turn my openSUSE installation also in my development machines, not just have it on the notebook where I am just a user when I use it.

I am currently trying to find a introduction on how to start, but either I use the wrong search terms, or it is really required to read a whole book?

and please allow me some critical words, the link for the obs page
RPM Guide
might be good,
but for beginning it seems to be pretty worthless, possible just for a guy like me who needs first some success with something and steps later into the deep.

can I use this tutorial also?
RPM packaging tutorial - Mandriva Community Wiki

I think I can not use this one
the tools mentioned seems not to exist in openSUSE

and the thing with the moc build sounds useful, can I do this on openSUSE?

sorry for so much questions, but I am rather confused through all the documents I found so far

Have a look at /usr/share/doc/packages/rpm/RPM-HOWTO/index.html .

And try “vim xxx.spec” you should get a template spec file then… :wink: