Make new theme for the forum

Hi, I am the author of Chameleon theme

The theme has been used by and wikis. I am looking forward to create a forum style. But I cannot find the way to contribute. The source code of forum is not in GitHub.

Can anyone help me to start? Thanks!


This is an automated response but we appreciate your feedback. Staff
takes all suggestions and comments seriously. While we can’t
guarantee every suggestion or comment will result in forums changes,
we give each one consideration.


An answer was delayed by the fact that the person who knows more is on vacation. The automatic above is a result of that (apparently to let you hear at least something).

I do not know much about the possibilities to theming vBulletin (which is waht is used for the forums. Also I can point you to the sticky thread at the top of this sub-forum:

In any case, there is a discussion going on to replace the present forum interface (vBulletin). As long as it is unknown what will become out of this, I think that any steps to be taken now can easily be energy down the drain.

I expect a more detailed answer to be posted here next week.

Where att?