make media permanentely mounted like in ubuntu?

I installed suse 11 and i want my HDD to be permanentely mounted lyke in can i do that?
ps:the system say i have a ntfs partition(my windows) monted on mnt/ folder but i can’t get into it.
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Hmm … they are permanently mounted AFAIK. As long as your fstab is not messed up. Maybe you mean you want to have the drive icons permanently on the desktop?
As for your NTFS partition … it’s strange OpenSuSE should mount it on /mnt; it usually mounts drives on /media and/or creates a separate /windows mount for your Redmond partition. Anyway, you should check both your mtab and fstab.

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If you are looking for a GUI tool that can set mount points permanently (without the need to manually edit /etc/fstab), have a look at YaST > Partitioner.
You will find many handy tools within YaST to configure all kinds of aspects of your system.


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We need a bit more information – too many possibilities without the information – so:
If you open a console/terminal window and enter su to get rootly powers, you can then display all your partitions with this command:

fdisk -l

and you can see which are mounted and where with this command:

df -Th

So can you run those commands please and use copy/paste to transfer the information back here into a reply post.
Also, tell us which ones from “fdisk -l” info are causing you grief.
Finally, if you run this command too:

cat /etc/fstab

and copy that back here, we’ll have the full picture and can help you.

It’s clear you’re having a problem with the NTFS, so here’s a bit of background reading on how to mount NTFS while you’re getting us the full info:
HowTo Mount NTFS Filesystem Partition Read Write Access in openSUSE 10, 11