Make KDE bottom bar (taskbar??) solid color ?

Hello All,

New SUSE Linux user here.

What is the name of the bar at the bottom of the screen where my programs tabs are? (Is it taskbar?)
(I would love to see a ‘map’ of terminology of the bars/popups/areas/etc of the desktop so that I can ask the proper questions)

Anyways. The desktop background color gradient ‘shines’ through that bar. I don’t want that. I want the bar to be a solid color. How do I do that?


system settings > appearance > plasma style
switch to a different style that doesn’t have a translucent task manager


OK. Thanks. Is there a more point targeted way? I mean some file where I just edit a ‘transparency’ flag from true into false ?
I’ve quite carefully chosen and configured my desktop and don’t want to do a global change. :slight_smile:


haven’t tried this myself but you can give it a go . . . .

system settings > workspace > window management > window rules

click “add new”

and replicate the details from here . . .

For Leap 15.1: turn off Plasma effects
System setings -> Display and monitor -> uncheck “Turn on graphical effects on login”.

For Leap 15.2:
Set opacity and blur.

Hi Svyatko,

I am not finding “Turn on graphical effects on login” on that screen.


I think he is referring to the compositor settings: ‘Enable compositor on startup’. Not convinced that’s actually what you’re after though.