Make KDE auto-change display resolution at startup?

I installed openSUSE in VMware, however my screen resolution is 1440x900, which seems not supported by the VMware driver in X (the monitor info says it supports 1440x900 at 0.0Hz, and X starts weird if resolution is set to 1440x900) so I have to set the X resolution to 1024x768 for the kdm to show properly.

For other Linux distributions (Fedora, Kubuntu, etc.) I can run krandrtray in KDE and change the display resolution to 1440x900 and it will work fine, and after restart, the krandr will run at KDE startup and automatically change the resolution to 1440x900 every time.

For openSUSE, I can use krandr to change the resolution to 1440x900 with no problem too, but after I restart the system and log in to KDE, krandr will start automatically in the system tray, but it will not change resolution to 1440x900, so I have to manually click on the krandr tray icon and set the resolution each time, which is quite a hassle.

So why is openSUSE’s krandr behaves differently from other distro’s? how to make openSUSE’s krandr automatically change resolution at startup too? Thanks.

See Where has graphics card adjustment gone in YAST? - openSUSE Forums for a discussion of he same subject. The general idea there is that it is not something to be configured by the dekstop and thus by every user for every desktop he may like to run today, but system wide and thus via YaST (who used Sax2 to do this).