Make Install CD's From DVD

Hi all. About ver 7.x thru 9.x (if memory is correct) there existed a cli script to make install cd set from dvd. Does this option still exist? If so, anyone remember what it is/was?? I have an old server w/no dvd, only cd, no usb and no net connect. Is used only for practice of config/admin stuff; also my son has a slice of it for file server duty. Only 60gb total, so nothing fancy (old Compaq DL580 w/4 ea. scsci drives). Want to avoid NFS and such. Once the SDB was updated/migrated seems a lot of old stuff is either gone or hard to find. Thanks!
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Hello! Anybody there…anybody at all?
Since no response in 80 views I guess I
asked the ‘unforgivable’ question: a question
the asker is ‘supposed’ to know the answer
to before asking (i.e., stupid question, hey?)
In any event, I’d appreciate hearing why it
can’t/should not be done, or if possible how to
do it (no matter how many steps).
Thanks for viewing.
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I doubt if that script will work anymore it was a long time ago. What have you against a network install? What about a USB stick?

On 2011-02-28 19:36, robhwill wrote:
> Hello! Anybody there…anybody at all?
> Since no response in 80 views I guess I
> asked the ‘unforgivable’ question: a question
> the asker is ‘supposed’ to know the answer
> to before asking (i.e., stupid question, hey?)

Rather we do not know, or did not see the post. I did not.

If anybody knows, it would be the old hands or devs hanging in the opensuse
or factory mail lists - but not now, they are very busy with 11.4.

Or, you could have a look into one of those old dvds and find out what the
scripts do. My guess is that it separated a pre-fixed list of packages into
different destinations, and the list has to be known by the installer.

The current method for CD install is installing from one of the live CD
installs, or using the network install CD.

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Carlos E. R.
(from 11.2 x86_64 “Emerald” at Telcontar)

Gracias, Carlos! Kudos also ken_yap for your answers. Situation is: Have old server: Compaq DL580 w/no dvd, only cd. Unit to be used as ‘learning lab’ for various networking/server admin learning. DVD is not (per HP tech/sales) supported by the electronics on the machine. Seems I may be able to shoehorn one in, but maybe not. Physically, of course a dvd unit will fit (slimline/low-profile type). My contraints are: Direct Net access on 2d floor only (cannot physically extend or re-route) to older desktop & laptop. Compaq DL580 server is located two floors down (in basement; landlord will not allow connect upstairs) Having many probs trying to do http or slp install using either of these. Would install iso or dvd w/directories broken out and populated (suse reference says it can be done either way) to one of 2d floor units, then via a netgear router w/internal connection to server. Followed suse reference docs for this type net installation server; no joy! Compaq server, again is good for learning lab: 4x Xeon cpu@900MHz, 1gb ram, 4x scsi disks@10k rpm. W/os installed it presents approx. 60-80gb of learning/testing space!! Also, landlord really at “NO” to add to existing bldg. cable config., but friend on 1st floor willing to allow internal cat-5 to router-to-basement (go figure…) In any event, untill I worked out probs w/net install, installation server install w/os install files hosted on old desktop or laptop it occured to me that a long time ago it was possible to ‘convert’ the dvd image to cd’s for just such a situation. Think last time I saw this was approx. ver 9.x.
Again, thanks for reply & suggestions. Like the man says: “Whatever doesn’t kill us will teach us…” or something like that!! So, the big picture is: I’m learning…just not in the sequence I thought would be, and will continue. thanks again guys…


You can install from the CD (Live or Net) and then add a DVD repository which is an ISO image on the HD. You could copy the ISO image over using a USB stick or if desperate, split into 6-7 CDs and piece together at the other end. That will get you all the software on the DVD.

OK mr. ken_yap—good suggesltion about use net cd, then add dvd repo; man! oft-times the best support a tuxer can get is some sleeeep! And of course a solid reply from a kind-hearted soul in forum-space. Thanks!!! OS now installed, looking forward to setup study (tinker??) platform this weekend. Got ‘cabin fever’ , etc. 1st up is probably some looking into grub (that’ll be fun…) so as to handle other stuff smoothly on same hardware. We’ll see…
Again, thank you! Take care,

You are most welcome. The community around FOSS is a great place to be.