Make Flash Player plugin and Mplayer plugin cohabitate?

I’m setting up a friend’s new laptop with Linux. He uses MagicJack for his phone service on another machine. MagicJack’s voicemail system sends .wav files to his email address. He needs to be able to click the attachment in his browser and have it play to get his voicemail. However, I’ve discovered that when I install mplayer plugin, it disables sound for flash content (specifically, YouTube). Removing the mplayer plugin doesn’t restore sound to flash. Even removing and reinstalling flash plugin doesn’t restore sound - so there’s apparently a step missing between how it gets set up on system install, and how it get set up in subsequent installs.

Anyway, is there any procedure for getting flash plugin and mplayer plugin to happily cohabitate? I’m installing 11.3 64-bit on a HP G72. Thanks in advance.

mplayer plugin is now called gecko-mediaplayer
and so far in 11.3, is only available in Red_Dwarf’s repo

I have never come across this issue you describe

What is Red_Dwarf’s repo called in the “List of Online Repositories” in YaST2? Thanks in advance.

Index of /repositories/home:/RedDwarf/openSUSE_11.3

It’s not in the Yast list - It’s in the Build Service, which is a complete list:
Here: Index of /repositories

Only add what you really need though.

To add that one in a terminal, become su - and do this:

zypper ar -f reddwarf

Thank you. That’s a nice way to add repos! I haven’t used SuSE in awhile, it seems to be maturing nicely.

I installed the gecko-mediaplayer successfully, but sound in flash is still disabled. I wonder if I didn’t install a required package after I removed and reinstalled flashplayer? In the YaST2 package list, searching on “flash” I have flash-player and pullin-flash-player installed. Is there another package I need? Thanks in advance.

It sounds OK
And I don’t think the mplayer plugin is the issue.
And sorry but I’m away for the weekend now.

I use gecko-mediaplayer on all my installs and it’s not an issue.

Good luck

I discovered the issue was installing Chrome. It breaks lots of stuff.