"make" failing

I’m attempting to install a WLAN card driver from source, as that’s all that’s available.

I’m getting:

make: *** /lib/modules/ No such file or directory

Build appears to be a link pointing to “/usr/src/linux-”.

“linux-” doesn’t exist.

Completely lost here.

You need to install the kernel-xxxx-devel rpm package. The xxxx is for the type of kernel you are running. kernel-desktop-devel or default, or debug, etc.

Get the rpm for your kernel version and install with rpm -ivh yourpackage

I should add you could also install it from Yast2.

Ok, I’ve got a little further: more errors!

I’m going to come at this from a different angle. Here’s the portion of the readme that came with the driver source that I don’t understand:

2> In Makefile
define the linux kernel source include file path LINUX_SRC
modify to meet your need.

3> In os/linux/config.mk
define the GCC and LD of the target machine
define the compiler flags CFLAGS
modify to meet your need.

4> $make

Ah, thank you udaman!

It got quite a lot further into it this time, but quit with errors 1 and 2, repeatedly stating that within the source code “os/linux/…/common/eeprom.c”, “struct task_struct” has no member named “fsuid”, nor one name “fsgid”…

Any ideas anyone?

It would help if you would paste the error messages from the build. They may give clues as to what is missing.

I’m assuming you are doing this as root, and have already done ./configure, if it warrants.

If it is still asking for the src path enter this command as root, LINUX_SRC=/usr/src/linux

check it with “echo $LINUX_SRC”

The GCC and LD are your compiler and linker paths.