make: command not found

Hello all. I have just installed OpenSUSE 11.1 on my system.

If this is the wrong Froum in which to post this then I’m sorry :frowning:

Having become rather fed-up with Windows I thought I would look into
Linux. OpenSUSE appears to be one of the major Linux releases so here
I’am. Having installed the Operating system *.

First thing I have attempted was to install a Widget on the desktop.

Having downloaded said widget I tried to install the package using the file which accompanied the download. However I receive an
error message >:(

“make: command not found”

Clearly I have to do something else but I do not know what

Any help would be gratefully received :slight_smile:




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First i’d like to say: “Migrating from Windows,
good attitude:good:. Don’t give up, if there’s something
more time-consuming than in windows. I know that
windows often seems to be the easier way, but is
easier the better way, too…”

> “make: command not found”

You haven’t the make command installed.
Install it with YaST:

  1. Menue -> System -> YaST (Administrator Settings)
  2. Enter the root password
  3. Click on “Software Management” in Category “Software”
  4. Choose filter: “Search” and type “make”
  5. Select “make” (make - GNU make),
    so that it’s checked with a green tick mark
  6. Click “accept” to finally install it.

Oh my God Windows killed zwenny!

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Thank you for the reply. I will give it a try. It does seem odd that
such functionality [being fundamental to Linux] is not made available
via the install process. I guess I’m not the first person to encounter
such problems :wink:

Regards, Paul

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You need to use make usually only when “compiling”, so it’s not quite
fundamental. It is preferred that you install programs using the package
manager. In case you have to compile them, you have just to install
these tools (make, gcc, maybe some dev-libraries etc.)

And another trick (work’s best when explaining someone what to do :p),
you can install make by typing this in a terminal:


sudo zypper in make

and then entering your root password.


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