Make a live USB from fresh install

Hey guys,

I just installed OpenSuse 12.1 and manually switched from Gnome to Openbox on my little laptop. I’ve got everything sorted according to my needs and it took me about 2 weeks and a lot of mistakes to get there because I am (was?) a linux newbie.

I’d love to be able to make a backup of the entire system on a bootable USB that I can use to reinstall in case of trouble.

I thought of just using dd to copy my filesystem to the USB and then I could dd it back on my hard drive booting from the stick. Would this work? What about GRUB and partitionng… Also the space occupied by the files on my system is fine to fit on the stick but the so called “Size on disk” is way to big. Is there a way I can use some sort of compression utility but still stay bootable?

Thanks a lot for your time.

Making a back up would work but not booting from it. The device would be registered differently then the original thus the configurations would be wrong to boot from the USB. If you don’t have a CD/DVD player then I’d make a bootable from a cd as a recovery (note any Linux flavor would work) then boot to that and then copy the images (your backup) that are saved to a different USB

Thanks, I get it. This is a bit frustrating though, Linux is supposed to be about full flexibility and possibilities =)

I guess it’s just too intricate of a manipulation to be explained on a post. Is it up to me to mark the thread as solved?

No thread are never marked

It could possible be done but it is very complicated and you really need to know what you are doing. What I suggested is just one extra step in that you boot from a live Linux version on the USB then dd back the image from the cloned USB. ANd that is much simpler then trying to boot from the cloned image.

Right! So I can dd back the whole system! Will dd copy the mbr as well? So that I have Grub all setup and stuff =)