Major Linux Problems on the Desktop or Why Linux is not (yet) Ready for the Desktop, 2015 edition

I have read this:…p.current.html
I hope everything will be solved in someday!
But now Linux still working for me!

The article is very complete and correct. I have encountered many of the troubles described.

Indeed, manpower is not enough. I believe that large-scale mergers and more centralized authority are necessary. Now every developer usually blames others: “It is an error in KDE libraries, so don’t blame me. I have used their libraries; what else should I use?” is a type of common answer.

I think so! It need a unification

I have been using KDE as my desktop for many years and the combination of advantages it brings and problems it has makes it a much more reliable desktop overall than any other I have come across. Of course, it cannot do everything and there are occasional problems but, whenever I see other people using Windows, I see them encountering a wide range of problems which I do not encounter in KDE. The Apple desktop appears to be better than Windows but it isn’t as customisable as KDE and some of the things are more complicated to do than in KDE.

Anyway, the desktop argument is over; the desktop is going back to where it started in the 1980s - the office. Very few people will have desktops at home in future and then only because they work from home.