Major flaw in the instillation?

So I downloaded tumbleweed Live CD/USB and booted from it, and that seemed to work fine. But ran into big issues when I tried to install to the HDD.
All started when I came to select Keyboard and Language.

Keyboard and Language selected English UK.

First error (sorry only have poor quality pictures)

second error:

We, at least I, cannot see the pics, they require logging in on a dropbox account, which I don’t use.
BTW: just tested, if I select Dutch + English (US ) in the bootscreen of the install media, it switches to Dutch / US International, which is a horrible combo if you’re a coder, like me. I remember that changes were made here a couple of years ago when someone pushed very hard to make US International the default, since that would make converting Windows users easier. Did not agree then, do not agree now.