Main Menu freezes, gnome-web-photo crashes

Running openSUSE 11.0 with two issues that are currently bugging me.

  1. With Compiz Fusion enabled, the Main Menu freezes up. I will click on it and then it becomes unusable - can’t open it. No highlight occurs when I mouseover “Computer” and nothing results on clicking it (right or left). Only way to fix that is to reboot - that I know of at least. If I disable compiz and reboot into X with no Compiz, it works fine. I’m also running Emerald if that helps any.

  2. Many times a day I get a error stating that gnome-web-photo has crashed. Not sure if this is related to the Main Menu freeze.

Anyone experiencing either/both of these issues?

Edit: Removing “gnome-web-photo” seems to have fixed the issue with Compiz enabled and the Menu freezing, but I’ll need to test it out a while to make sure. Maybe this is an existing bug…?

I have the same issue with gnome-web-photo - it crashed several times a day.

My graphic settings are pretty much “out of the box” settings for my HP Pavilion dv8000, using OpenSuse 11.0 (Gnome mostly).

Hi Two,

Starting openSUSE 11.0 (& due to popular demand) AIGLX is enabled by default (and XGL disabled).

It works fine for most but it could be your setup works better using XGL. If you want to test this open a console, ’ su - ’ and enter;

xgl-switch --enable-xgl

Reboot the system to be sure X is reloaded using XGL.

If that does not work you can switch back with;

xgl-switch --disable-xgl

Hope that helps,

ps. missed the remark about removing gnome-web-photo, could well be a bug with that app.

Yeah I haven’t yet figured out which works better with Intel 965GM - XGL or AIGLX, but currently using default AIGLX. Seems ok, but systems bears down big time when I have lots of windows open (doesn’t with compiz disabled).

I removed gnome-web-photo and that fixed my issue - no idea what that is for.

Thanks, I had the same problem, and I removed “gnome-web-photo” and now works fine, what is this application for?

GNOME Web Photographer

GNOME Web Photographer is a tool to generate full-size image files and
thumbnails from HTML files and web pages.

still dont get it


I just submitted a bug report to Bugzilla for this today: found here.

So, when they get a chance, hopefully a solution can be found or the bug can be resolved.

Good one! I had this issue once so far (three days ago) and it made me think of this thread… haven’t had the issue after that so no clue what brought it up.

Hi. I am Duizz and I have experienced the same problem with Gnome-Web-Photo. I have now removed the program as it seems from the debate here that this will be a fair solution. Normally no programs are installed for no reason though. Does anyone know which effect the removal of this program will have on the system?


One of the things gnome-web-photo is used for is to create thumbnails of html documents in your folders. So removing it will probably disable that functionality.