Mailx utility

Hey guys, I have a question about the Mailx (mail) utility in openSuse.

I figured out how to send an email from Linux to my gmail mailbox. But the email comes from

We have a university exchange server and I want to send an email to any of university addresses from the Linux box using SMTP(logging in to If the email is sent from email then it’s automatically blocked. How do I log in the university SMTP server so I can send an email from the university address (

Is there any other utility that allows me to do this? Also, where is the password stored, right in the config file?

Thanks in advance

See the man page for mailx. You can set variables in ~/.mailrc that control things like what your mail relay is, etc.

Hey, I read the man page, I tried making .mailrc config file in my root directory.

account name{



but it still gives out an error say “Client does not have permission to submit mail to this server”

Where do I enter the password? In the config file? The man page says nothing about auth.

Thanks for the reply!

Read further on in the man page for more variables to set, e.g. smtp-auth-user.