mailman packages seem to be missing

I just installed a new Leap 15.4 system and I’m trying to configure mailman on it. On a much older system, I ran mailman v2, so I’m also on a learning curve with mailman v3.

I was able to get python3-mailman, python3-mailman-hyperkitty, and python3-django-mailman3 from the standard repositories, but I can’t find the “mailman-web” interface.

zypper search and “cnf” don’t reveal a location. I tried “find /” to locate it and found nothing. I tried searching the web, and it looks like the repositories for Leap 15.3 have this package, but 15.4 does not.

Should I just reinstall the system with Leap 15.3? Is 15.4 complete yet?

It uses Postorius for the web frontend in mailman3 (AFAIK, all built in). See

Edit: Ahh postorius-web Not building either…