Mailing Clients - Which One To Go For?

SuSE 11.2 with all current updates.

Hoping someone can help decide which mailing client i should go for.

As a M$ Windows user i like and use Outlook Express and Windows Mail, essentially the same really.

I use HTML signatures on all outgoing emails with an image (Business Logo) stored on a web Server which will be this same Computer i hope in the near future.

I currently use 3 Identities, Business Identity and a Domestic or personal Identity to keep this separated out from each other and a third for untrusted mail, if i have to give an email address to get something on a website i don’t initially trust.

All are pop3 accounts and one is Googlemail using ports SSl ports 465 & 995.

Which one would best suit my needs?


I don’t have a vast range of experience with different clients as I usually stick to one that meets my needs for a long time. I was still using CLI mail clients long after many people went to GUI. I still use alpine now and then.

Anyway what I can tell you is that Thunderbird can do all those things you listed.

I was going to be facetious and say that anybody who likes Outlook Express can’t be helped :slight_smile:
But here’s my serious response and it’s basically in agreement with ken_yap: Thunderbird. I’ve tried to like KMail and I still use Evolution at work (it is compatible, sort of, with MS Exchange) but Thunderbird is faster and more stable than either. It’s also multi-platform so if you’re still using Windows you can use it from both Linux and Windows. And it does everything you mentioned.

Thank you all for your replies.

Thought I’d end up using Thunderbird in the end but just thought I’d explore all options.

Windows Outlook Express & Windows Mail work, whats wrong with them?

There better than MS Outlook on M$ Windows. I’ve tried Thunderbird for M$ Windows and got so frustrated with it i un-installed it fairly quickly.

But, unless there are no other suggestions it’ll have to be Thunderbird.


I use claws-mail…

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Thank you.

I think i may try Claws Mail to start with then if i’m not happy i’ll drop back to Thunderbird.

Made a mess of my install trying to get Dazuko and Avira Antivirus software in so it looks like a re-install first and starting again.

Thank you again


I like using Thunderbird, in part because it’s the same (mostly) regardless of in Windows, Linux, etc.

Plus, I IMAP to my GMail account so in addition to using the same client on different systems, I don’t have to worry about which system I downloaded it too.

Also, Thunderbird allows syncing with my GMail contacts and the Lightning extension lets me access my Google Calendars on the system as well! The combination of all of this puts Thunderbird around the range of Evolution, which is just shy of MS Outlook connected to an Exchange Server.

You could also look at Zimbra I suppose. Don’t know much about it though.

There’s also an easter egg if you use gmail and somebody mails you an outlook appointment. Gmail will import that into Gcalendar and it will show up in Lightning or Sunbird.

What? Cool!

Thunderbird is nice, but I like using KMail even better. Give it a try.