Mail Server Setup

Hi all,

I’m total newbie at Linux, but I have setup Microsoft servers in the past. I been using Suse for about 6 months (10.3, SLES10 and now 11.0) to get the feel of things and now want to go a step further.
I want to setup a SUSE email server to replace my SBServer 2003 running Exchange with POP3 connector.
I know that all the software is there to get it set up, but it’s which software to use and how to link the software to each other to get the desired result.
I have 5 pop3 accounts with different ISP’s which need to be delivered to 5 users which have separate logins to SUSE. The users have a choice XP, Vista and SUSE as clients and the email client can be anything that I choose.
My question is, where do I start?

Many thanks, G.

For the start use postfix+dovecot. For that type as root in a konsole:
zypper in postfix
zypper in dovecot
After that you need to configure postfix and dovecot.
Try reading online documentation and if you get stuck reply again…