Mail Server Setup with LDAP

So I’m going the Postfix route and am trying to configure LDAP. During the Mail Server setup I choose ‘Advanced’ and am presented with the following screen.

You computer is configured as an LDAP client and the LDAP server is local.
We suggest you adapt the LDAP server configuration for the mail server.

I have tried to go into the LDAP client configuration and choose ‘Do not use LDAP’ but still receive the same message. The interesting part of the message is also that I first started the LDAP configuration via the Mail server setup so suggesting that I adapt it to the mail server is kind of funny.
FYI, I’ve also created the proper (?) certificates and such for TLS/SSL and that part of the LDAP configuration seems to have gone well.

I’m sure this is something straightforward that I’m missing so I appreciate your help and patience.


can you post your postfix config files?