Mail Server configuration and queries.


my goal is to have a mail server with antispam, antivirus sitting between the isp/isp_mailserver and the local network.

1.all the users will have mail boxes on the local mail server.
2.users’ mail clients will interact with the local mail server.
3.local mail server will interact with user mail boxes on isp hosted mail server.
4.local mail server has active antispam filters and anti virus functionality.
5.user can configure their mail boxes, filters, spam filters on local mail server through web interface

I have lot of questions. I am really confused on which component to use and where like fetchmail, sendmail. postfix, squirrelmail, cyrus imap server…

Can some one point me what to use and where? thanks in advance.
-srikanth s

Hi there.

I suggest to have a look at postfix, courier-imap, amavis, spamassassin, clamd and horde.
This combination should cover at least most of your needs.

Maybe its a good start to have a look at:
Mail server HOWTO - openSUSE

If you have any questions or problems feel free to ask.


thank you bartim,

can you tell me what rolls they play. what sequence to install and configure. please correct understanding as below.

amavis - antivirus plugin ?
spamassassin - spam filter plugin ?
clamd - actual virus scanner ?
horde - web interface user for mail access, and user configuration?

with regards
srikanth s

postfix - MTA (mail transfer agent)

courier - “The Mailman” -> delivers mail to local mailfolders

imap - The mail protcol used (for your mail clients); courier can do both imap or pop3; I prefer imap

amavis - antivirus and spam “controller” -> hands mail to clamd (or other antivir software) and spamassassin

spamassassin - spam filter

clamd - virus scanner; comes with freshclam to auto-update your virus database

horde - web interface for mail access; I have no idea if you can use it for configuration also. I havent set up a running web interface though, but I need to in the near future.

You should do your installation like follows:

  1. postfix and courier-imap
  2. amavis and spamassasin
  3. clamd (package is called ClamAV i guess)
  4. horde

You should test your installation after each step to make sure everything works fine and then go on with the next.