magic jack

To start, I am a total noob. I just installed suse last night on my machine. I think I’m picking up on this stuff fairly quickly, but I still feel like I’m on day two of learning Chinese. A lot of stuff is still way over my head.

That being said, my problem is that when I ran the live disk, magicjack loaded up no problem. Now that I have installed Suse, I can’t get it to go. I don’t even know where to begin with this.

Resonance77 wrote:
> To start, I am a total noob.


there are several threads in the forum on magic jack…
if i recall correctly, i don’t think anyone ever got it working…

suggest you use the forums advanced search function, or the below:

openSUSE specific at
generic Linux at

and, if you find instructions somewhere saying it works with Linux
come back here and give us the URL and ask your questions on how to
carry out which instructions…

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According to the majic jack site, the inventor of majic jack is planning Linux support in late 2010 but at present there is no known work a rounds for the device.