Madwifi problem on Acer 5315

My Acer Aspire 5315 has Athero wireless, I followed the instruction here:

UserDocs/FirstTimeHowTo - - Trac

But when I do “make”, I got: *** KERNELCONF: /lib/modules/ does not exist… Stop.

Is it because I do not have kernel source files installed or other reasons?


Should be because of the sources. Install them and you should be fine.

Did you know there are madwifi rpms that get you around all the make / make install stuff.

He’s right. There are SuSE rpm files in the madwifi repository to make install easy.

I have an acer too, and it has that frustrating AR5007 wireless in it. Instead of building my own patched driver, I ended up using Schmolle’s rpms that he put into a community repo after he patched and built them using the madwifi instructions.

More specifically, start here:
Atheros madwifi - openSUSE