madwifi issue

I have been using madwifi for years and been a freak for it many years.
I always installed it by hand until now - I discovered that it’s possible to add the repository and let the driver itself update.

Well, sadly enough it does not support the currebt kernel and a lot of things need to be downgraded.

Would you please tell me how to proceed correctly? Is there a difference between the “normal” madwifi and madwifi-free?


Complete non-sense, you just have to use the correct packages (and they ARE available for the current kernels with all openSUSE-versions currently supported ) from my OBS- or the driver:wireless repo.

Great. Which means I would have to use Madwifi-FREE instead of “Madwifi-OpenSuse 11”]( :wink:
As far as the second link I can say that there is no “madwifi-kmp-” available. Which is actually what i meant previously.


Could any 2 of you explain the advantage of madwifi (have used it for over 2 years for my laptop) over the athXk driver?
Since openSUSE 11.1 my Ahteros card was detected and working better than ever, so I’m just wondering

No, I can’t, I just package that stuff as an alternative for users with problems (or people who want to use their Atheros card as an AP, which is still not supported by ath5k in 2.6.27 AFAIK, don’t know if the drivers in compat-wireless already support it).

Since the HAL used by madwifi became free software, I also found it a good idea to start packaging madwifi again (didn’t package it before).

Most user’s reports confirm that, so don’t ask me.

Well, it basically boosts your Atheros card. The code is optimized for Atheros while Madwifi continually improves on their newest driver ath5k.

Don’t ask, just love it. :slight_smile:


I have another question for you guys: Which command can I use to check which wireless drivers I use at the moment?