Maddening dependencies needed for OpenMovie

It would seem a simple task to install a fairly simple video editor, right? WRONG >:( OK, if I say something dumb… I’ve been using openSUSE for awhile but I’m still probably in the novice-intermediate as far as linux education goes.

Anyway, trying to install OpenMovie and it listed some dependencies it needed so I collected them and began to install them but then THOSE dependencies needed dependencies. One itself needs 16! Collecting and installing all of these one by one is sure to cause a suicide eventually…

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a single package that would solve my problems all at once? Because I couldn’t find one… HELP PUUULLLEEZZZEEE!!!


P.S. Here is a sampling of the types needed:

and about 10 more… and that is just to support and

My hardware is 64 bit in case that makes a difference to you.

UPDATE-- Well I installed OpenMovie with one-click install but it doesn’t load… just tries to and fails

Add the packman repository and use zypper in or YaST

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Since your recent problem does not match with the title of this thread you should open a new thread.

Hint: start OpenMovie via console and post the output (again: in a new thread), that might give us an idea what’s wrong.

Also, I think Packman never fixed [packman] Open Movie Editor segmentation fault](

RedDwarf, you are right - just gave it a try and it segfaulted. However, there are many alternatives.


For video editing for the home user best choice is: kdenlive
For video editing for the pro user best choice here is: cinelerra
Both are in the Packman repos. My own personal experience is with kdenlive, you’ll find it to be very useful I did & still do. Also you’ll find quite a few video tutorials on You Tube on kdenlive.
Oh one more thing with kdenlive there’s agood chance you won’t have those maddening dependencies.

There’s also ‘openshot’, but IMHO @Sagemta already gave you the best options. Much better than a working version of Open Movie Editor. I love kdenlive, for simple and more complex jobs.