Macintosh PPC no boot

I decided to build 11.1 on another G5 (PPC)
Downloaded the 11.1 PPC DVD iso and burned it.
New 500GB hard drive, used partition based layout so I could modify partition sizes, as per my previous post:
how to resolve /root disk space full - openSUSE Forums

Installation goes great 100% no errors show,
Give count down to reboot, so I let it reboot,
Remove the DVD, and it just sits there showing the old MAC flashing folder and MAC smiley face, usually this means No operating system found (in the MAC world ).

Any Ideas?

Have you read this wiki page?

PPC Partitioning - openSUSE

I found it useful, particularly the bits about the pdisk utility and the need for a HFS partition. It could be that YaST will do the right thing, or is supposed to, but you can check it for yourself.

Thanks for the reply, I will check out the link.,


HI guys ,as per a previous post of mine, my root partition was to small and I could not resize it.
well after pulling all my hair out trying to partition and get it right, :
here`s what I did on my new install of A G5:

Boot off OSX cd, use disk utility, to create 2 partitions, a small ( 32mb ) partition, then a large partition for Suse, leave the 2nd partition as free space.
Once OSX has created partitions, reboot, insert Suse11.1 DVD and install.

When you get to partition layout,modify partitions,
If Suse created /home and / ( root ) delete both,
Creat new partition /swap ( 2gb ) and / ( root ) rest of drive.

This worked for me, hope it helps someone else.

Suse in my mind is far supperior to any other distro.