Macintosh Kung-Fu

I need it.

So I went ahead and tried to do the install without researching first… bah. I went for a complete install, erasing the OSX partition, and din’t know that rEFIt/bootcamp was needed. The install went smoothly but won’t boot. What the heck do I do now? I’m a dummy, please be explicit if you can help. Thanks in advance.


If anyone else has the same problem, do the following:

1.Download and burn latest UBUNTU iso.
2.Download rEFIt and burn to disc.
3.Follow simple ubuntu install.
4.Stick rEFIt disc in and start partitioning tool
6.Open Firefox and navigate to Ubuntu forums
7.Receive prompt help when you need it

Perhaps you could help others in a similar situation and provide a link to the thread that helped with Ubuntu.

These steps worked first try:

The only things left to make my MacBook 100% are iSight and getting the sound/headphones working right. I must have tried the OpenSuse install 8 times, trying all kinds of different boot-configurations. It really kinda sucks, I was excited about trying OpenSuse because I’ve heard it’s the most polished distro out there.

If you can’t get help for sound on the Ubuntu forums, you could install xchat, and then log on to IRC freenode and channel #alsa on freenode. Ask for sound help there for your Ubuntu. They have some very knowledgeable sound gurus who hang out on that channel. Since they live all over the world, you may have to ask a few times to get the help you need.