Machine will not shut down.

I am running openSUSE 13.1 64 bit with KDE desktop on an Asus P8H77-V LE mobo. I have grub 2 booting to either openSUSE, windoze 7 or eCS 2.1.

I thought it was just a problem with windoze 7 which I must tolerate for my accounting software but I find I also have problems shutting down from openSUSE. I have not had time to dig too deeply yet but there is nothing obvious in the BIOS settings and I am posting here in case there are any obvious issues I might have overlooked.


Do you see any error when it stops? If not you can press the escape key when trying to shutdown to see what message and at what point does it stops. Well only if you have an option to do that.:slight_smile: