Machine runs "hot"

I run a dual boot HP G60 with Windows 7 and OpenSUSE. I’ve noticed that when I boot to linux, the fan spins constantly and the laptop feels quite a bit warmer to the touch than it does when I’m running 7. Is this anything that I should be worried about? Is there a fix available?

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Anytime your machine has a noticable increase in temp it is a possible problem. You say the fan is running constantly and still the machine is hot so this in itself is not normal. There has to be something causing the processor to be working so hard. I would investigate what is said during start-up of openSUSE (examine dmesg) to see if the system is being reported correctly, are features being called correctly, memory reported correctly, and the like.

this used to be caused by beagle running in the background indexing the files on the system.

you might want to check on the indexing services. is the hard drive light active all the time?

What does

dmesg | grep thermal

spit out from a terminal?

Remove beagle, kerry through the software installer. 99 out of 100 times beagle is causing 99% CPU usage, which is the origin of the heat increase, which is the reason to run the fan this hard.

dmesg | grep thermal reads:

thermal LNXTHERM:01: registered as thermal_zone0
thermal LNXTHERM:02: registered as thermal_zone1

I will uninstall Beagle and post the results! :slight_smile:



I uninstalled Beagle this morning, rebooted, and so far so good–it’s running much cooler. Another (obvious) perk is that my machine runs a bit faster as well. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!


I spoke too soon. lol I thought everything was resolved.

Turns out, npviewer.bin is also sucking up a lot of processor resources. I terminated the process and the machine is already starting to cool down (thankfully), but I would kind of like to watch videos every now and then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there anything I can do to tweak this process? Or am I just stuck?



I think npviewer.bin is part of Firefox’s Adobe Flash Player plugin. You might try installing the flashblock addon. Then just click the flash icon on any flash video you want to see. It will block everything otherwise. Maybe that will help decrease it’s usage?