Machine running too hot

Hi, I’ve just installed OpenSuSE 1.2 with KDE. For the most part it’s great, everything works, but I’m having some trouble with my GPU and RAM temperature. I’m guessing this is mainly a problem with my graphics card, an ATI 2900HD. I’ve installed the fglrx driver, the mesa drivers just didn’t seem to work, and turned on desktop effects. I’m guessing that those are hitting the card quite heavily as the temperature according too aticonfig --od-gettemperature is 93-94C (~200F). The CPU cores are between 50-60C (122-140F) and RAM is around 92C (197.6F). I think those are mainly overspill from the GPU though.

My laptop (using an ATI 9600) runs Compiz-Fusion (in Linux Mint Gnome) to the same level with no problems whatsoever, and my desktop ran a comparable level of effects in Windows Vista (aero) with the graphics card never getting warmer than about 40-50C, only reaching 70+ in games. Also I’ve turned off Desktop effects, and it doesn’t seem to be making much difference to the card temperature, so I can only think that there is some issue here.

Is there anything I can do (besides putting the machine in the freezer…), or anything anyone can suggest?

Hi, just too quickly add, I shut the machine down and let it cool, blew out the vents with compressed air, and the graphics card shroud. I’ve booted the machine up with the side panel off, leaving the desktop effects off. The card was fairly stable at about 55c, which seems a little high for doing nothing but not unacceptable.

I’ve now switched on Desktop Effects and the card temperature quickly rose to 70c, and now seems to have leveled out at about 80c. With the side panel on I can see that rising to the 94c it was at earlier easily. So obviously Desktop effects are hitting the card, but it still seems too high. Especially since it’s getting hotter than when playing games under windows.

How does the fan speed compare between windows gaming and running compositing? It may be that the drivers in Linux are allowing it to heat up more than the Windows drivers. It may be that the card isn’t being taxed more, it’s just allowing the heat to build up. Make sure you have the latest drivers and check the fan settings.

Another possibility is that with v-sync off, the card is being told to generate the highest frame-rate possible so it’s running at 100% all the time. I’d suggest turning on v-sync to restrict the frame-rate. It’s under the “Advanced” tab in the Desktop effects dialog.

you may want to add some hardware spec’s. I’ve had this issue before with an acer laptop. turned out there was a firm ware update thatfixed it

I think it’s fixed, I downloaded an update and installed a few bits and pieces, mostly build tools, and all of a sudden it’s running pretty much as it should. Perhaps some background process was misbehaving and something I downloaded set it right?