macbook suse 11 track/mouse pad not working

i’m gunna keep it short and to the point. i have an intel 13 inch macbook. couldnt use linux because of the infamous broadcom so found a hopeful solution to that tried to install suse ll but the track pad won’t respond and again a laptop is useless with out that. I’m using rEFIt to boot into the disk and the track pad DID work for 10.4
any help is MUCH appreciated as i can’t stand OSX(please no lectures on how its unix i feel like im at a public computer where you only use things your not at YOUR computer)
again any help is MUCH appreciated
thanks a lot

Have you tried installing pbbuttonsd? It adds some support for Mac laptops in Linux. You can get it from the repositories, which I would suggest. Here is the website for the project, which explains more about it:

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