MacBook Progress

Hey guys,

This isn’t really a “support” thread so I won’t place it in said directories. I’m just noting my current progress to everyone and welcome anyone to jump in and yell STOP or give me a pat on the back haha.

So I went ahead and installed reFit, the best known boot-loader known right now for Mac. Installation went too well if I say so. I was very suspicious hah. I went a head and created my 1GB SWAP file and my 80GB EXT4 Linux Partition. Including the installation I was done within around 20-25min. :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything that needs to work, works. I’m stunned, absolutely speechless. My wireless, which I remember spending weeks trying to get to work. Immediately detected my SSID and asked for the WPA2 passcode. Sound works like a champ and no real issues with the trackpad or keyboard.

There are a couple things that I noticed don’t work out-of-box. The sound/eject keys aren’t responding. Little things like the trackpad gestures and tracking need touching up. But bottom line, for once I don’t have much work cut out for me. Really impressed and pleased with this installation.

Only a few things to tackle now:

  • Install packages to compile
  • Add repositories
  • Fix HFS mount issue
  • start customizing

I tried to mount my Mac partition and it gave me an error. I took a screenie on my SUSE box but didn’t DropBox it yet. I think I just need to turn journaling off, so I’ll just try that.

Here I am :slight_smile: