Macbook Pro

Hello, I would like to install Opensuse 11.4 on my macbook pro to do a triple boot. I found lots of tutorial on Ubuntu but not on Opensuse, and this facility is the same way?

It looks almost the same, when u will get to partitioning don’t forget to press Edit Partitions and then “Rescan Partitions” so u can set it the way u want, not how openSUSE sets by default.

It would be better if u have Ubuntu, to install first “GParted” from Ubuntu Software Center and then go to System->Administration->GParted Partition Manager and resize the partition from which u will take the place for openSUSE and format it to ext4(it would be even better if u don’t set the partition as “Primary Partition” but “Extended Partition” because only 4 Primary Partitions can be on one HDD and u don’t really want to reach this point) but if u don’t really know how to resize it without any risk I don’t recommend you to try it, you may lose some or all your data from you HDD. After resize you can restart your Mac and try to install on this new partition your new Operating system, openSUSE.

ok, thank u for your answers, I’ll try it.

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