Macbook pro and sound

I am trying to get sound working with my macbook pro 4.1 with opensuse 11.2 with no avail and wondered if any kind person here could help me out thanks.

Have you tried the method described here: MacBook - openSUSE

It worked on iMac with openSUSE 11.1. However the sound quality of the speakers is rather bad under Linux.

Yes i have tried without any success.

Did you run alsamixer, select your ‘physical’ sound device with F6 (not pulse) and adjust the speakers volume? Normally they are mute.

Thanks I have the gnome desktop. I have used the terminal to run alsamixer and pressed f6 to select the actual soundcard, I have no muted channels.

The column right labeled “Speaker” is the relevant one.

I’m not familiar with the Macbook pro, but if you provide the information recommended in the second half of our multimedia stickie, I’ll do the best I can: Welcome to multimedia sub-area - openSUSE Forums - multimedia stickie

… note in 5 days I’ll be going away on 1st a business trip, followed immediately by a vacation, so my replies may be a bit spotty.

Just wanted to say all fixed and have sound thanks to please_try_again’s help. it was down to me mixing my letters up and putting mpb3 instead of mbp3 in as model lol. Thanks for answers straight away.