Macbook Air - desktop freezes randomly


I have a recent 13.1 installation on a Macbook Air and am just getting used to the shift from MacOS! With not particularly heavy use, the screen has frozen five times today - mostly with window operations, but also when doing some YaST stuff.

When it freezes, the mouse still moves, but nothing else works… Although if I leave it alone for a few minutes, things begin working again… and I can still ssh into the laptop and kill the window manager and start again.

I’m wondering if anyone can advise if this is ‘normal’ - of if there’s anything specific that might be causing this… I’m running the gnome desktop - is that known to be problematic with this specific setup, by any chance (it runs solid as a rock on my desktop machine) - would a different window manager be less buggy, maybe (?which is the most stable) - or is this just something to live with?

With many thanks for your help,