Macbook 3.1 brightness controller problem


I had a problem with brightness controlling in my MacBook machine (2.20GHz santa rosa)
I can controlling sound volume by hotkey (FN + F10, F11 and F12 as Leopard)

But the hotkey that controlling LCD brightness is not working at all (FN + F1 and F2, also without FN)

And I remember it was worked in RC1 version without any updates.

openSUSE 11.0

Is there any idea to make it works?

Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my mother language…

I am apologize :frowning:

I forgot to install pommed before I asked, after I install it and run it the issue was Resolved


Hi I have a question for you. I also have macbook pro 2.2 santa rosa. Can you check if the keyboard backlight brightness controlling key work (F8,9,10 or FN+F…). I installed suse11 from the live cd with kde4 and I am getting stuff like that:

pommed[8003]: pommed v1.15 ($Rev: 434 $) Apple laptops hotkeys handler
pommed[8003]: Copyright (C) 2006-2008 Julien BLACHE <>
pommed[8003]: SMBIOS machine check: running on a MacBookPro3,1
pommed[8003]: Could not open /sys/class/leds/smc:kbd_backlight/brightness: No such file or directory
pommed[8004]: beep: thread init failed, disabling

in the system messages. Needless to say the keyboard backlight doesn’t work.