Mac wireless driver

I dual boot Linux on my Macbook and I’ve always used Ubuntu, in which it’s quite easy to activate my driver, however I’m now trying Linux and I’m lost. I’m not very technically savy, please help.

02:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4328 802.11a/b/g/n (rev 03)

*sorry-I’m now trying OpenSUSE

You need the “hybrid” driver from broadcom for that.

Open a console and type

uname -r

cat /etc/SuSE-release

which will give you your kernel version, kernel type (default, pae, …) and your architecture (i586, x86_64).

Got to my OBS repo

Index of /repositories/home:/Akoellh

and download the “broadcom-wl-kmp-type-version-kernelversion-architecture.rpm” matching your output and install it.


su -c "modprobe wl"

and you will have your wireless interface ready for configuration.

And why the heck did you open a second thread for the same problem instead of asking your first thread to be moved?

I even told you how to do that.

You’re right, easy to do, I should have just requested the move. I’m sorry.

I did everything that you said but now I'm still lost on how to configure my card, I sort of thought it would just appear on my drivers list along with my ethernet. I've never configured manually before.

It basically is the same, just use NetworkManager and its respective applet (KnetworkManager or nm-applet) you will find in the system tray.

You will have to add the wireles specific stuff in pretty much the same way like in MAC OSX (I just did that a few days ago, it is very similar, in fact I personlly think NWM is much more intuitive but that may be cause I’m used to it).

Of course this will only work if you installed and loaded the correct driver, but as you are not giving us any information on that …

It’s not the wireless conection I’m having trouble with, Ii’s the card itself, I don’t see it…

Then you made a mistake during driver installation.

(And no, I don’t know what you did wrong, reason, see above, last sentence).

Okay, I’l try again. Thank you for your help.