Mac Style tool bar setting in KDE missing

I don’t know if I missed it altogether but as long as I can remember there was a setting in KDE to have the MAC style toolbar at the top. I don’t know exactly how to describe it but it was specific to the active application you had open. I cannot find this anywhere in 4.3. Was it taken out or did I just completely forget where to find it?

Like the blue toolbar here:](

I think that you are referring to the “Fancy Panel”.

Right-click on the desktop and select:

Add Panel -----> | Panel
----------------------| Fancy Panel

Does this help?


Thanks but no that is not it. That is a OSX style toolbar like Daisy. I actually had to install the fancy package first and then reboot. Without that or restartx would have worked too I guess, it corrupted my video. Anyhow, the one I am referring to is like the screenshot from the initial post. Pre-Plasma I think it was a setting in the Windows Behavior settings. It was just a checkbox that said something like Mac style toolbar, and it went across the top of the screen like the screenshot. Sorry I have never owned a Mac so I do not know what they call that bar.