Mac Pro / connection problem


I’m trying to put openSUSE 11.1 to Apple - Mac Pro - Tech Specs machine …
The OS install is okay, but when I try to access internet with Firefox, it isn’t working, also when I go to “terminal/konsole” and input “ifconfig” under “Inet Address” there is instead of “normal” ip address assigned by router … When I connect other PC to the same port on router, they work without a problem …

Can you open up a browser and log in to the router interface?

I can open Firefox, but I can’t access routers interface, IPv6 is disabled in Firefox … with Windows, Mac machines I can access internet, router interface … DHCP in router is also ON.

If you can’t even interface with the router, your network device is not setup/configured properly.

Network device, … router or server network card? Because router is functioning normal, and openSUSE network configuration is usually done automatic…

The Computer NIC needs setting up in Yast - Network Devices, assuming that’s possible depending on it’s type and the driver situation.

Hi, sounds right, it’s the loopback address.

if you posted the whole of the output from ifconfig this would be clearer.

Can you ping the IP address of your router?

Are you trying to connect using wired or wireless?