M8 - Funniest bug I've seen in ages!

openSUSE 11.2 64bit Milestone8 (installed from LiveCD)
KDE 4.3.1 release 3

I had to laugh at this one -

Open Desktop Settings and go to About Me, and then Paths.

Click on the folder icon at the end of the Pictures path: line, then right click in your home folder and create a new folder, call it say Images.

Click on Apply.

It will popup a box asking if you want to move all the files from the old folder to the new one -

The path for 'Pictures' has been changed.
 Do you want the files to be moved from '/home/me/' to '/home/me/Images'?

Now, before clicking on anything, open a copy of Dolphin (or your favourite file manager), because after this you will need one and won’t be able to open it from the run box or the menu!

Click on Move, and every single file in /home/me/ will be moved into the Images folder!

What the…?

I laughed my socks off at that one rotfl!.

Don’t be too scared though, you can easily move everything back again with the copy of Dolphin you opened earlier.

You did run a copy didn’t you? lol

Ah yes, that was a good one. I had it couple of times, after a reboot i was surprised that i got no data in my /home directory, i found it at some folder then :smiley:

It should be somehow explained from the KDE side that it may bork all the settings:D