m7 network status

A couple of minor points but are they affecting anyone else?

Installed m7 as a new installation.

The network status icon shows as no info available. Same using sysinfo - this shows status unknown. It is a wired connection that is working fine. Also sysyinfo does not show details of the nvidia driver installed.

Same here, concerning the nvidia driver.

thanks for that.

i see that you are using 8 x ram - keep thinking to upgrade or not to 8 (have 3 x at present), is there a big noticeable difference?

A bit off topic, but it’s a Sunday so:

Yes, there is a noticible difference, for me. I went from 2.5 to 8GB because of swapping all the time when I was working on DV-files. The machine is multi-functional: my workstation, NFS and NIS-server, Apache/PHP and on. It holds /home for all 5 intensively used machines in the house. If your swap is never touched, it would mean you have no need for 8 GB.
If you’re looking for speeding up boot and starttime of programs, spend your money on an SSD. The laptop is much faster on things like that than the mean main machine. (so I will buy a 32GB SSD to put openSUSE on as well)

thanks for that Knurpht

If there is no status in Yast (this is actually normal for LAN interfaces, as NetworkManager, not Yast, handles those by default), check in KInfoCenter if running M7 KDE.

I just kickstarted my wireless connection and connected to the same router that manages my wired connection (the wired connection is the default). Right-clicking the connection icon in the taskbar gives me the status of both connections, including wireless signal strength, wireless encryption type (WPA Personal in my case), and transfer rate for each connection.

Wired Ethernet is nForce Ethernet (MCP73, using the forcedeth open-source driver); wireless is SMC USB wireless-G. (Both have been supported since 11.0; and they remain solid.)

Also, while the radeonhd driver is solid for 2D, 3D support is still not there yet (however, 2D is now noticeably faster).