M7 ksplashx- suse splash screen theme lacks "pop"

In the past, every time openSUSE offered a new version, the artwork was fresh and had “pop”. Milestone 7 is bordering on - just plain ugly. The color and ultra thin nonlinear progress bar has to go!

I would prefer seeing the first half - green background with the large black bar with progress bar fading into the desktop.

Switching between the two graphics GFX/ksplashx is contributing to the flicker.

Any thoughts?

I think I’ll worry about it when the full release is out.

I had installed it yesterday. Many things are changed since 11.1, which is a nice move.
About the ksplashx screen, i personally like the wallpaper in that with the lizard. Maybe not the thin progress nonlinear bar.
I am still waiting for the default login screen to be changed, i don’t like the login screen, when we enter our username/pass. Same like 11.1, hope maybe changed in final release of 11.2.

And yeh, the new desktop wallpaper is also amazing.

I think when the final release is available in November, we will see a lot of new artwork. I still think the progress bar should be thicker with better animation.

The flicker free boot up will evolve over the next two releases.