M7 and ati Catalyst 9.9 driver

Hi all,

I tried following the “compile ati driver in M6” post (using 9.8) from a while back after I installed M7, and it didn’t work for me. (I don’t recall the exact errors).

So I restored files to their original back up variant and downloaded the recently release 9.9 driver. There appear to be no error messages when I install it, and there isn’t anything in dmesg related to the fglrx (note I didn’t follow the special instructions in the above post)

Anyone get this working in M7? Anyone try the 9.10 pre-release that surfaced with ubuntu that I’ve seen on the net?

I haven’t used the ati drivers in the 11.2 series as the drivers won’t compile with the 2.6.31 kernel. anyway the ones I have tried. the radeon drivers are working better that the ati drivers I installed in openSUSE11.0.

Did you run aticonfig --initial
then alt f2 amdccle while in your desktop