m6 - Yast not working, DNS not working

I did a m6 install on my wife’s net eeePC last week. I’m only just now posting because we were on vacation.

After the initial install, I couldn’t pull up the Software Management portion of Yast in KDE. However, the CLI/ncurses version worked. I added a KDE 4 Factory desktop repo, a Mozilla beta repo, and the OpenOffice unstable repo and downloaded updates. When I was done, yast wouldn’t work, even in CLI, despite not touching Yast packages. (It looked like it was only downloading KDE, Mozilla and OpenOffice packages). Domain name lookups are also broken. I can go to Google via ip address, but not by domain name.

I checked the install media and it was fine. I wasn’t sure if I should just reinstall. fsck didn’t find HDD corruption. I don’t see anyone here posting similar problems. I could wait for the next milestone, or go with 11.1 (which I may do) except I really wanted to use ext4.