M5 LXDE panel transparency fails

When using right-click on panel>Panel Settings>Appearance tab and selecting the radio button labelled “Solid color (with opacity)”, a solid black panel results. It should result in a transparent panel with the default green wallpaper showing through. If the associated button is pressed, settings for colour and opacity are shown with all settings at zero.

Moving the opacity slider from minimum to maximum has no effect, since the panel is already at maximum opacity. This works correctly on the same h/w running 11.2 with LXDE, but I didn’t test it on M4.

Does anyone else with M5 LXDE have this problem? I didn’t find any bug listed.

Just to add that this is 32bit, and presumably the package involved is lxpanel-0.5.5-4.2.i586

I can confirm that. Any color with alpha is displayed badly, but I don’t think it is a nasty bug.

Thank you miki100 for confirming. Not a serious bug. Transparency is a useful feature if after increasing the height of the panel to accomodate larger icons, like me, one doesn’t like a large band of yet another colour across the display. Then I prefer the transparent panel.

M6 is due soon, so I think I will wait for that to see if it has been picked up.

I recall there being a discussion on lxpanel during the last IRC chat meeting on LXDE: LXDE/Meetings/LXDE Meeting 2010-04-27/transcript - openSUSE
where it was noted:

Apr 27 20:33:32 <gber> at least today Marty Jack announced a more or less rewrite of lxpanel 

we won’t see any such change in 11.3, as 11.3 M5/M6 is too close to GM for major code changes to lxpanel.

Thanks oldcpu. It’s an illuminating transcript. The opacity gradient as a setting works properly on my 11.2 LXDE install, so I guess the opacity bug was introduced into lxpanel with earlier 11.3 milestones. Why should that bug not be fixed even if after final release?

I don’t recall it working, but I also never tried to set it up on 11.2 LXDE. You could write a bug report on this. :slight_smile:

The only problem wrt getting a fix may be is if this is an upstream problem, and if the bug is on lxpanel, given the limited resources for LXDE its possible all non-critical bug fixing on lxpanel has stopped, while all resources are moved toward the code for any new panel. But thats just wild speculation on my part.